The Department of Education has posted statistics on letters of intent received for its Investing in Innovation (i3) program.

Although LOIs aren’t required for the program, officials strongly encouraged potential applicants to submit letters to aid the department in planning for the mad rush of submissions and subsequent review.

The Department says it received 2445 LOIs with 1666 stating intent to apply for Development awards, 527 for Validation, and 87 for Scale-up. The stats also include LOIs by state and program, as well as information on which absolute priorities and competitive preference priorities applicants intend to pursue.

Although the numbers are sure to change, based on this report, applicants can expect the following funding rates:

Development: <6%
Validation: <19%*
Scale-up: <6%

*The Department of Education states its intention to award up to 100 Validation grants at an average amount of $17.5 million. However, this would require $1.75 billion, or about three times the funding available for the program. Based on the anticipated number and average size of awards for the other programs, the number of Validation awards should be 10–though the Department has stated in its pre-application workshops that 100 is the correct number. If the number is, in fact, 10, funding rates for Validation awards will be <2%.

Edit: updated the link to the summary following a change by the Department of Education.