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The Department of Education has unveiled

Unlike the portal provided through the Open Government site (used by NSF and several other federal agencies), data.ed.gov is very easy to use. It’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

NSF: Data management plans to be required for applicants

Starting in October 2010, applications to NSF must include a supplementary two-page about this over the summer.

The new requirement is designed to help NSF meet its obligations for more open research under the Open Government Directive.

Required open-access moves a step closer

Congressman Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania introduced the House version of the research can be published prior to full public disclosure.

NIH-funded research is already subject to open access provisions.

In somewhat related news, TheScientist.com reports on PETA’s attempt to use state open records laws to seek out possible animal abuses in research labs at state institutions.

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